KVLT | Join The KVLT

Hey kittens!

I want to share a brand with you that I absolutely love. I have been a fan of Join The KVLT for a few years now and always admire their things! I have to things from them which are their pentagram leggings and their pentagram sunglasses and recently they've put out a lot of really cute things.

$36.00 - Goat Head Bikini Bottoms
A goat head with a pentagram printed onto the back of black bikini bottoms. Seriously, how cute are these? I am so in love with them. I have a soft spot for goats!

$32.00 - Pentagram Bikini Top
A white pentagram printed onto each side of the bikini. I love this top because it's simple enough but still super cute and stylish. I wish it had padding just because I do usually wear a pushup bra and like the illusion of them being bigger than they are but that's okay!

Do you guys have any favourites from them?
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MUGGY | 4 Creepy Cute Mugs

Hey kittens!

As I get older I become more and more in love with home decor and decorating things to fit my personal style. I thought I would share with you a bunch of cute mugs that are just perfect for any gothy kitchen!

$18.00 Batty Breakfast Mug

$13.00 Frankenstein Monster Movie Mug

$44.12 Bat Wing Mug
$60.52 Beetlejuice Mug
Which one was your favourite? Do you have any mugs that you really enjoy?
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PLUSH AND LUSH | Creepy Cute Bedding

Hey kittens!

So for awhile now the boyfriend and I have needed new bedding pretty badly. We had a cute red damask bedding I had picked out while ago but the quality of the fabric proved to be pretty bad quality and stuffing started coming out so we threw that out. Now we just have two duvets and black covers on them which is lovely except for the fact that we have an orange cat, Pumpkin, who sheds like crazy! So I decided to find some cute bedding online and want to share it with you incase you're in the same predicament.

$160 Bat Illustrations Duvet
For real though, this duvet is so perfect. I am maybe just a tiny bit obsessed with bats and what could be more better than a duvet with bats on it?!

$119 Black and White Striped Duvet
What's more classic goth than black and white stripes? It's classy but still a bit dark and would be so flattering in our bedroom.

Leopard Duvet
Even though it's not really creepy cute it's definitely cute! I love me some leopard/cheetah print and although it's a bit bold I just think it would be purrfect in my bedroom!

$189 Frankenstein and Bride American Gothic Duvet

Lets be honest, it doesn't get much better than this! Frankenstein's monster and his bride? On your BED? I think it's creepy, cute, and hilarious! A wonderful twist on the American Gothic!

So what do you think of some of my bedding choices? A little too crazy? Just right? Let me know!
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New York Fabulous

NLY Trend cotton shirt
25 CAD - nelly.com

Leopard legging
13 CAD - wearall.com

Platform shoes
27 CAD - cicihot.com

Genuine leather handbag
5,655 CAD - 1stdibs.com

Gorjana necklace
135 CAD - revolveclothing.com

Black hat
10 CAD - amazon.com

Cat glasses
11 CAD - romwe.com

Gel nail care
25 CAD - etsy.com

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WHY, OH WHY? | Why Do I Blog?

Hey kittens!

I thought I'd write a little bit about why I do blog and make Youtube videos, I don't know if anyone will be interested but hey, maybe you are and maybe you want to do the same and need some inspiration!

So why do I blog? Well one day, about three years ago, I decided that I wanted to share my purchases and share my interests with everyone. I didn't know if I would get any readers, I didn't know if anyone would even like what I liked and I had no clue how to run a blog. I just knew that I did want to write and I did have things to share. I find it fun to share my ideas and love seeing comments of people interested in what I am saying as well! Growing up I never really had anywhere that shared my interests, especially in clothing and style that I liked so my goal is to share that with my readers and hope I can help them feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace their own style!

So why do I make Youtube videos? This is something that I didn't start until about a year or so into blogging I believe, maybe a bit sooner than that. Blogging and Youtube is pretty similar. With blogging you write what you feel and think and videos you say what you feel and think! I actually enjoy Youtube more because I can truly be myself and it's such a wonderful feeling when you're so used to not feeling like you can be yourself! I'm not going to lie, seeing the subscriber count go up every time you post a video really makes it feel like you're doing something right! Although I do usually make Youtube videos on product reviews I would like to get back into makeup tutorials like I was doing when I originally started!

Are you new to blogging? Why do you blog? Let me know in the comments below!
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SPONSORED | Sherry London

Hey kittens!

I have a sponsored post to share with you today, and it's about a website called Sherry London. They are based in the UK and have a wide variety of prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail and party dresses, evening dresses and homecoming dresses

£229.98 - Crystal Dress

$150.99 - Mermaid Prom Dress

$79.99 - Chiffon Dropped Bridesmaid Dress

If you thought any of these dresses were stunning you have a change to win a a sleeveless black cocktail dress!


"We appreciate all the love and support our customers&fans bring us. So ladies, it's time for an INTERNATIONAL giveaway!
Only one lucky bird will win the sexyeye-catching black cocktail dress, one shoulder, sleeveless, short, and made of Chiffon. All you have to do is visit us on facebook, google+, our giveaway page, follow us on Pinterest, tweet, refer friends for extra entries or write a blog post via Gleam Competition below. The winner will be contacted by e-mail only and the offer expires in one week.
Are you ready to receive it or offer it to a special someone? Just cross those pretty little fingers to get entries. 
*The winner has to pay the delivery fee and take a photo to share with us."

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