An Update On Life!

Hello kittens!

Long time no talk! I apologize for that but life got the better of me and I haven't been available to blog as often as I would like at all! I thought I would make a little blog about what has been going on in my life, including my journey to becoming a makeup artist!

As you may know I started a program in makeup to receive my diploma in makeup and an international certificate! Well, in three days I will be graduated with that lovely diploma under my brush belt, and I will be doing the ITEC exam sometime in November! It has been an amazing journey and I have learnt a lot! I do want to go onto the advanced course and then the special effects course later as well! You can check out my journey as I become a makeup artist HERE on my Facebook page if you're interested! This course has consumed most of my time which is why I haven't been able to blog as much but that will be changing because I am going to dedicate time and effort into my blog and Youtube from now on and become regular because there's no excuse for me not to!

I have been living in Calgary now for two months and I am finally moving out of my house alone with my cat! I am so excited that my application has been accepted and I will be moving into a lovely little apartment downtown by the end of the month! This is a big step for me but one I know I need to take and I'm not afraid! It's time to grow up and learn to do things for myself because I can't rely on other people forever and I don't want to! I have recently been employed at a clothing store which is so exciting and I'll be doing makeup part time as well by freelancing! I am going to start making my dreams come true and live happily.

I've made a lot of amazing friends and done a lot of amazing things since moving here and I am just so excited to start living life! I hope you all understand my absence and my blog and Youtube channel will be going through some changed to become more professional and regular!

Talk to you guys again soon, I promise!

Pulp Horror Black Milk Clothing Release!

Hey kittens!

Holy, it's been a long time since I did a blog! I've FINALLY moved to Calgary and have kind of settled into our new house, we've been here a week and I have done 3 days of school so far!

BUT ANYWAYS, we have more important things at hand, like Black Milk's Halloween release! They released the Pintrest board today (HERE) and I am pretty excited, but having a bit of a dilemma! What do I buy!

Here are the few main things I need to get my hands on!

Nosferatu Reversible Crop (WW 48HR $45AUD / US - LIMITED $40USD)

Braaains Skater Skirt (WW $50AUD / US - LIMITED $45USD)

Mummy Returns Long Sleeve Dress (WW $99AUD / $94 USD)

Free Spirit Reversible Skater Dress (WW 48HR $85AUD / US - LIMITED $80USD)

Now, of course I want all of it, but should I? Can I justify $279 on four amazing, quality pieces of nylon I will love and cherish for years? I know for sure I want everything but the Mummy dress! I want the Mummy dress for Halloween and I know I would be able to wear it for many Halloweens to come, and I'd usually spend a bit on a Halloween costume anyways.. soooo.. it's like I'm spending $180 on three staple pieces in my wardrobe and $99 on a Halloween costume!

Two of the pieces are 48h so that's awesome, but the other two I have no clue yet, although I am assuming they have enough for the majority of people since they're not limited!

I guess we shall see!

Check Out My Cutie Necklaces and Bracelets!

Hello everyone! I have put together some cutie necklaces and bracelets that I simply adore and I want to share with everyone!
I am trying to save money for my school tuition and any money I receive will go towards that!
My storenvy is! Please, check them out and reblog this <3!
Depending on how successful this is, I will be making more and there will be more animal options!

La Senza Haul!

Hey kittens!

So I filmed a cute little haul for you, which is up on my Youtube HERE.

I went to La Senza the other day and bought a few cute undies and some nice PJ pants! The PJ pants were on 70% off sale which made them $8.50, and each undie was $3.00 each.

There wasn't a huge selection on either things, I had to settle on getting the pants in medium and the undies were pretty picked over but there were some cuties which I picked up. Over all it cost me $26 I believe, it says in the video so watch! 

Boating and Relaxing

Hey kittens!

So this weekend a few things happened!
I flew down from Alberta to Vancouver Island to visit my dad, and he really wanted me to come down because it was his birthday weekend and he was playing with his band at a local bar! It was super cool to see them play and there were lots of people there really enjoying it, all of our friends and family came out to support them. And I also had beer dumped all over me on purpose, not too thrilled about that. Me and my friend were sitting at a booth with two guys and it was the end of the night and there friend comes up and literally takes his beer and pours it on all of us! For no reason! As well as earlier in the night he basically did the same thing except all over the table and it sprayed on us. It was not cool and we just left after that!

 Then the next day I went boating with my dad and other family and my friend, we went from like 12:00 to around 8:30 by the time we got back, it was nice and we just laid out on the front of the boat, and my shoulders got a little burnt! I finally got to wear my Triangl bikini in Indiana Ice for once! I was super excited for that! And then when we got back we decided we were going to drive to see our friend who was like two hours away and got a little lost but we eventually made it and then we stayed the night there and came back in the morning, which is when I am writing this.

I just wanted to make a short and simple blog for you all to know how my weekend went because I enjoy blogging about my life as well as beauty and fashion!

Fly My Pretties! Fly!

Hey kittens!

I have finally achieved witch status!

So a few days ago I finally took the plunge and got gel nails again! I hadn't had a good past with them because they were never how I wanted them and now finally I have them! Pointy, beautiful, and black!

I am totally in LOVE with these nails, they're super adorable and they're the puurrrrfect shape! My pinky finger is my favourite because it's so tiny!

I just had to share these with you, and since my nails are so tiny she only charged me for a fill instead of a whole set! Yay for tiny fingers and nails!

How do you feel about pointy nails an would you get them?

The Little Black Book of Bronzers!

Hey kittens!

So I thought I would bring this up, as many other bloggers are, because it's pretty amazing if you ask me! Who wouldn't want a huge (And I mean huge, it's bigger than your head!), although I only can go off of pictures because I personally do not have the book!

Too Faced has come out with this HUGE book, filled with eight different bronzers for a pretty good price of $139! Considering if you were to buy all of these separately at $30 a piece it would cost you $280!

(Photo credit goes to
  • Chocolate Soleil & Milk Chocolate Soleil: Antioxidant-rich, cocoa powder-infused matte bronzers create an all-over natural tan.
  • Snow Bunny: Four luminous shades blend together for just the right amount of sun-kissed, natural radiance.
  • Bronzed & Poreless: Infused with pore-banishing and skin-smoothing benefits for flawless-looking skin with all-over natural warmth.
  • Pink Leopard: Trio of skin-brightening and bronzing pigments that combine for a glorious all-over glow.
  • Beach Bunny: Custom-blend bronzer combines four sun kissed shades for a skin perfecting, summertime tan any time of year.
  • Endless Summer: Stay all day universal bronzer creates a lit-from-within bronzed glow that lasts 16-hours or more.
  • Sun Bunny: Original bronzer features slight pink undertone in the dual shade palette that mimics the flush of a real tan.

Like I said, this book is huge! I don't know how into bronzers I am, so it's hard to tell if I want it! I'll probably give in and buy it just at the last minute once everyone else already has it, like I did with Naked 3!

Should I purchase this huge book?