HELLO THERE | March 1st!

Hey kittens!

Wow, it's March already. I can't believe how fast the time is going! I mean I feel it was just yesterday I moved out on my own with my boyfriend in November and now we're already looking for a new place to live in two months!

A bunch of things are going to be happening this month which I am super excited about.

As I mentioned above the boyfriend and I are moving out of our tiny apartment and into a house with two other friends. I am super excited because we finally get to bring Ryan's dog with us, it's going to be so nice having a dog again! Maybe I'll write a separate blog all about the cute and adorable Sunny. It'll be so nice living in a house again too, I'll have to adjust again to living with other people because now I'm used to just living with Ryan and the cats and Lydia my hedgie. I'm sure it will be an easy switch because one of the friends is a friend of both of ours for quite a few years, and the other is a friend of hers that we're acquaintances  with. I hope we can manage to find a place that suits all our needs.. like a walk in closet haha!

Another event that is happening is Ryan turns nineteen which is pretty cool, guess I better start planning some birthday plans for him, it's on the 14th so I only have 13 days now, ah!

And of course I have a bunch of amazing brands to show you and some really cool new ideas for my blog as well, like maybe a weekly or monthly interview with a brand I really love? That might be cool! Or maybe something like more giveaways? That could be a possibility too!

March means summer is coming soon and that's something I am super excited for. I love the summer months because they're warm and that means I can break out the cute outfits which means outfit posts, I really want to do more of those for sure.

I don't want this post to be too long so I'll end it here, TL;DR March is going to be awesome and you're gonna love it!
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RAW FISH | Who doesn't love some sushi?

Hey kittens!

Sushi is one of my favourite types of food and I thought I would share my love of it with you! It's delicious and also nutritious! Sushi is extremely good for you, and although it isn't every one's cup of tea it's certainly something you should try at least once and give it a chance!

Sushi is a Japanese food which consists of rice combined with seafood, vegetables, and sometimes fruit. It can be made with either brown or white rice, and it's most commonly made with raw seafood but you can get cooked seafood too. Raw fish without rice is called sashimi, and that's my personal favourite. Usually when you order sushi it comes with gari, which is ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Since sushi is made with raw fish it's very beneficial to your health because raw fish is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Lots of the other seafood contains omega-3 fatty acids which have many health benefits.

My personal favourite sushi is salmon sashimi, that's raw salmon. I also really enjoy California rolls which is the kind of sushi that most people have tried. California rolls are rolls of rice, with seaweed, avocado, and crab. Sometimes there are fish eggs on the rice but I personally don't like those.

Do you guys like sushi? Would you try it now?
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Hey kittens!

So the other day Ryan and I took a random trip to Banff! If you don't know where that is it's about an hour or so away from Calgary and it's the cutest little place up in the mountains and it's basically magical! I thought I'd share with you some photos from our trip (PHOTO HEAVY)!

We decided it would be fun to go up the mountain! There were only two ways up, one was walking up the mountain and the other was taking a gondola so we chose that route!

Here's a photo of the expensive gondola ticket, can you believe $40 for one person just to take a 5 minute ride up the mountain?! Regardless it was fun!

Up we gooooo...!

It was an amazingly beautiful view on the way up, but also a little frightening!

I was working Ryan's GoPro the whole time so there will be a video up eventually!

So I didn't realize.. but we had to walk ALL the way up to that tower thing! It was a super tiring walk because I am so out of shape haha, but regardless it was super fun and the view just kept getting better and better!

Some more mountains..

And some more..

I guess people were allowed to write whatever they wanted on this one section of post, we didn't have a pen to do it.

Continuing our walk all the way up..!

And now skip to some cool Elk we saw!

There was a huge herd just chillen, eating some grass, it was so cool to see.

As you can see it was pretty large, but this wasn't even all of them!

I guess that's all the photos I have from the camera, not the GoPro. If you're ever in the area I 100% recommend that you go and visit Banff! There are many wonderful things to see there and wildlife if you're lucky enough!
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JUST PEACHY | MOTD February 25th

Hey kittens!

This look was created using Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette which features rose gold tones. The eyeliner is my forever go to Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Black. Eyebrows are as usual Anastasia Brow Dip in Ebony! 

I used Trick and Buzz from the Naked 3 palette. I applied Trick all over my eyelid and then took Buzz and blended that into my crease.

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STUNNA | MOTD February 24th

Hey kittens!

Another MOTD here! I'm trying to do them everyday that I wear makeup!

This smokey eye was created using Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette, for the lips I used Lime Crime's Red Velvet Velvetine.

Who doesn't love a smokey eye and classic red lips?

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DELICIOUS AND SPARKLY |The Cake Shop - Frostaholics Haul

Hey kittens!

I have an awesome online store to show you today which I think you'll find simply adorable! It's called Frostaholics and the owner Kara decorates all these delicious looking things! You can see everything HERE. She decorates things from contact cases to soaps that you think you want to eat to phone cases and tumbler cups! Now I've personally never owned anything like this before but have admired this style from afar for a long time.

I have three things I can show you and they are a phone case for my iPhone 5s, a little purse mirror, and an adorable Hello Kitty tumbler cup!

I wasn't sure how I would feel having such a big phone case with little things all over the back of it but it's surprisingly comfy to hold and doesn't add any extra weight to the phone. The details on this phone case are so adorable. Every phone case is unique and you can ask to have a custom one made. Mine has pink and green frosting with everything from little gems to colourful pearls to a bow and a green M&M! She has amazing details like the frost dripping down the side of the phone case to add that extra effect!

Next up is the adorable and completely purrfect in every way tumbler cup! It's Hello Kitty which is my absolute favourite and it looks like it's made of cake! What more could you want?! I've included a front and back view as there are two sides to the tumbler with different Hello Kitty's on it! The top consists of green frosting ontop of a layer of white frosting. It has a cute little rainbow, a pink bow, a little blue skull with a crown on it, and tiny pearl hearts and many other things!

Last but definitely not least is the absolutely cute purse mirror! It's a very compact metal flip mirror which is layered pink, white, purple, and then covered in green frosting. It has a huge pink bow, some flowers, a rainbow, and a giant heart as well as a bunch of other little cute things!

Overall Frostaholics is purrfect! I absolutely adore that Kara made all of the colour schemes match and everything feels really nice to hold! Frostaholics is located in Los Angeles so international shipping does take the normal two weeks but it's well worth the wait. Her prices are very reasonable and the quality is impeccable!
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