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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Real Techniques and Eco Tools 2014 Release!

Hey kittens!

So Eco Tools and Real Techniques have been kind enough to send me some of their new brushes for 2014!

 This is the package that I received and as you can see it introduces the new brushes as well as Nic Champman!

Now this is something that I am pretty interested in, I am not really into face things, but I do want to try this. It's supposed to be something you use to clean your face with and it softens when wet! It's made from vegetable fibbers so I will definitely have to tell you guys how it turns out working!

I LOVE this brush! It is SO dense with bristles, its amazing. I did use it with my bb cream and I can say that this is amazing for it. They really did a great job when creating this brush. It applies it so nicely and I love the angle it has. It gets into the creases and leaves it smooth looking.

Real Techniques welcomes Nik Champman to the company, she's joining her sister Sam and are creating brushes now! They are the Pixiwoo Sisters!

This is something I was VERY excited to receive! I had wanted a sponge for a long time, and I was looking at the Beauty Blender but that was a bit pricy for me to spend on a sponge, so when I received this I was so happy!

I have tried this and I very much enjoy it, it really applied your foundation so nicely, and I used it dry and I just love it!

I am really excited for this brush as well, because I am always wanting to create cool makeup looks but I have never had the perfect brush for detail! I haven't tried this yet, but I can tell it will be amazing. It has no bristles because it is made with a silicone tip so it can't have stray hairs, because there are none, and it will be easy to wash and switch colours because it will dry instantly!

Overall, I totally recommend these four beauty tools! Although two I haven't tried, I have felt them and played with them and it's very clear that they are quality and good and will definitely get the job done!

Which brushes are you interested in and what do you think about them?!
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Red Cherry Lashes Review!

Hey kittens!

So I recently received six pairs of Red Cherry Lashes from to review, so here they are! is a website dedicated to bringing you a wide range of beauty products! They carry over 125 brands and 4000 different products and growing!

You can see the whole line of Red Cherry Lashes HERE!

And ships anywhere in Canada free, which includes the Red Cherry Lashes!

These are the size pairs that I picked out!

I wanted to pick a variety of styles and thicknesses to try!






And apparently I am missing pair #20 lashes but you get the point!

Personally, I love them all! #203 are the biggest pair and they're pretty big, but they're totally Trisha Paytas style, which is fabulous. My favourites are #205 because I think they look the most natural but still very big and doll like!

I 100% recommend Red Cherry Lashes! They're really good quality, and you can get many uses out of them before they aren't good anymore, as long as you take care of them they will last you a long time!

And bonus, ships to anywhere in Canada for free!

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Black Lace Shorts Review!

Hey Kittens!

So, awhile back I was contacted by a company called SammyDress and they gave me the opportunity to review something from their website!

I chose these adorable lace shorts! I have wanted a pair for a really long time but I am super picky when it comes to things like this and luckily I found the perfect pair!

As you can see they have an adorable decorative waistband and the shorts are made up of layers of the fabric.

Underneath the shorts in a silky black material so that you cannot see through the shorts at all when wearing them!

I LOVE the detail in these shorts, it's so cute and I love the waistband because you can tuck a shirt in and still have it look stylish and not unfinished!

Here's a few pictures of me in them! 

These shorts fit PURRFECTLY, which means that if they were any smaller they would be uncomfortable for me and show some cheek. 

They are one size fits all, but the one size would be an XS/00 in pants. 

I am in love with these, and if you're little like me you will too! They do stretch quite a bit though so if you have wider hips then it should be fine, but I would suggest no bigger booty girls because you might be showing some cheek, which is fine if that's what you want!

I absolutely love them and I would purchase them again! Below are the links to the websites and the shorts!

And since I am lucky enough, I can offer everyone a coupon code for 9% off of their order!
Just enter in "ITRYPARTNER" and receive 9% off of your order!
* It expires on August 31st 2014!

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Have you noticed?!

Hey kittens!

So recently, basically this past week, I have seen a BUNCH of brands, bands, people talking about witches, especially from the 90's!

So naturally this means Sabrina the Teenage Witch! For some of them anyways, like Blackmilk Clothing!

Limecrime has come out with three new velvetine's and have branded them with the witchy label "Bitch Craft".

Blood on The Dance Floor has a CD called Bitch Craft coming out, I only stumbled across this one.

And that's just a few that I have noticed!

I absolutely love that, I love witches and all things witchy and "bitch" craft! So of course I am excited, but I just thought I would bring it to your attention too!

Have you noticed the recent Bitch Craft White Craft phase?!
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Sunday, 23 March 2014

100 Subscribers on Youtube Giveaway!

Hello kittens!

So I am SO excited to announce my second ever giveaway! This time it is for reaching 100 subscribers on Youtube!

It's a bit of a smaller giveaway than last time, but I think it's awesome regardless!
There is a Benefits Besties duo, a Sephora palette with 8 colours, three Stila lipgloesses, a Too Faced eye duo kit and a small They're Real mascara from Benefit!

This giveaway will be done in two months, May 23rd, I wanted to give enough time for everyone to enter!
This is the link to my video!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Friday, 28 February 2014


Hey kittens!

So I am here today to introduce you to a online store called SammyDress!

SammyDress is a global online fashion store that is always up on the latest trends, and for cheap! They have a wide range of items from clothing of any style and wedding dresses to clothing for kids and toys!

SammyDress offers the website in five languages including English, French, Spanish, and more! They also have a currency converter for almost any currency so that your shopping experience is easy and you never have to guess on prices. They have warehouses located in USA, Europe and Asia to make sure your package ships out the fastest way it can and reach you quickly! If you run into any problems or have any questions SammyDress has a 24 hour live chat service to help you.

Now, onto the most important part! The amazing clothes!
There is literally something for everyone on the website, and for a very affordable price!

Here are some of my favourites and their prices and a link to them!

This cardigan comes in the colours red and grey!
I really wanted to find a link to the pants as well, but I could not locate them!

I am in love with this! I've never worn a cloak before but this looks absolutely adorable and you can't beat that price!

I love this bathing suit, I am a huge fan of polka dots as well as vintage style bathing suits!

One of my absolute favourite parts of this website is the "Dresses Under $10" section!
If you're in need of some cute summer clothes but you're on a budget this is your place to look! They have so many pages of dresses under $10! 

Here's just a few of my favourites as examples!

Although it does not come with the belt, you can purchase a similar one from the site HERE!

Chiffon Dress - $7.46
This is adorable and comes in two colours!

There you go! Just a small glimpse into what SammyDress has to offer!
If you're interested please check them out! 

You can find SammyDress on these sites:

Youtube :

Thanks for reading! Feel free to tell me what you think about below!
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Are You Daisy Crazy?

Hey kittens!

I thought I would make a blog about the semi recent daisy craze that has been going on! And I can't say I am hating it aha!

I have been noticing A LOT of things with daisies on them now, big and small, So I thought, hey! Let's make a blog about it and point you into the direction of where to get items of clothing with daisies on them so you can be daisy crazy too!

First on my list is Forever 21, as I was browsing their website I saw a bunch of daisy things!
(Since there will be many items to show you, they will be clickable to where you can purchase them!)

I'm loving this daisy top because it's pink instead of black like you usually see! (What?! Did I really just say that!) 
Next you have adorable jewellery to go with your adorable daisy clothing! Perhaps a necklace? Headband? Earrings?
This crop top is actually something that I would consider buying for myself, it's off the shoulder and adorable!
I am in love with this bathing suit top, especially paired with these retro high waisted shorts!
If you want to be more subtle with your daisies then this hat is perfect for you! But, on the other hand if you want to be bold with your daisies then this necklace is for you!
And of course you need that staple dress for the summer!
And last but not least we have cosmetics! Makeup brushes and the bag to go with them, so fab!

So, that is a whole bunch of stables for your wardrobe this summer based around daisies! They can be subtle or bold, small or big, pink or black! They come in many shapes, sizes, and colours! So if you didn't see something here that you liked because it wasn't quite right, there is someone out there who has made it and you'll just have to look around!
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