MAC: Oil Control Lotion

Hey kittens!

Today I have a cool lotion to share with you all! It's MAC's Oil Control Lotion! I have had issues recently with an oily forehead and it's just not okay to me since I like to look matte and flawless all the time, not oily!

It's a no-shine lotion when it dries, and it uses natural exfoliants to help improve your skins texture and clarity! It bonds makeup to your face while keeping it matte as well! It's oil-free and hydrates your skin as well as balances your pH, which is super awesome because your skin always needs to stay hydrated! You can use it either under makeup, or alone, day or night!

Since using this lotion my skin has felt wonderful as well as it has been way less oily than it usually is, and any help counts! It definitely keeps my skin matte and oil-free for way longer than it usually takes for my forehead to get super oily.

For $10 you really can't go wrong trying it out, not to mention it smells amazing too! I definitely recommend this product for anyone trying to fight oily skin!

Overall I give this product a 8/10!

MAC: Studio Fix SPF 15 Foundation

Hey kittens!

I have finally found a foundation that I love! Now, that's a big thing for me to say, I've been through many foundations and have found few that have worked for me! This one seems to just work for me, so I am super happy about that!

I went to MAC the other day and decided to get matched and get some help picking out a foundation since I was new to MAC and had never tried it before! They asked me what kind of foundation I liked and what coverage I liked the most! I told them I liked liquid foundation and that I wanted something full coverage since I enjoy looking flawless all the time.

I was matched with the beautiful Studio Fix foundation in the shade NC15! This foundation has build-able coverage and a matte finish which I love! You can also make it look dewy of course if you prefer that too. It also has SPF 15 which I appreciate because you always want to protect your skin!

If you're looking for a decently priced foundation ($32 CAD), amazing coverage which needs little to no help hiding blemishes, and a flawless finish this is definitely the foundation for you!

Over all I give this foundation a 9/10!

MAC: Fix+

Hey Kittens!

I recently purchased a To Go version of MAC's Fix+ and I am so in love with it! I had known before it was a popular product but I didn't know if it was actually good or just hyped. I now know it definitely is a good product!

When I was checking out they had mini versions of a few things so I thought I would try it! For $12.00 it's not a bad price because you get quite a bit of product (1.0 FL OZ).

Fix+ is amazing. I have problems with having an oily face and sometimes my foundation doesn't go on the nicest. Well if I spray this on after i've applied all my makeup it takes the cakey look of the foundation away and smooths it out nicely, and it makes it look fresh and not powdery! It can also be used to make eyeshadows wet and stay longer and become more opaque!

Overall I give it a 8/10!

MAC Class: Trends

Hey Kittens!

I thought I would talk about the MAC class I attended on November 2nd! It was complimentary, which was nice because who doesn't enjoy free things! We learnt about trends for this season which it was basically all about embracing your actual beauty and not covering it up and just enhancing the beauty you have instead of altering it. I absolutely loved that, because I think it is important to know how to do that because not everyone wants to hide their natural beauty.

She showed us where to apply products and how, and what certain MAC products can do and are used for which I enjoyed learning! I hadn't ever been to a MAC before because whenever I went in it was either extremely busy and I couldn't get to the products or I didn't have time to stop and look!

Everyone there was actually so nice, which was surprising because all I have ever heard was bad things about MAC and people who worked there! It actually makes me really want to work there and I think I could do it too! Perhaps after I get a starter makeup job, we shall see! But it would be super amazing to work there!

So it's got me thinking, I did purchase a few things from there and I decided I would write one blog about each product and what I thought everyday for you guys! I hope you enjoy it!

Home Sweet Coffin

Hello kittens,

since I am moving into my very first own apartment all alone, well including my adorable cat pumpkin, I get to decorate it however I like! If you know me this means that it's going to be super creepy and cute! I thought I would make a blog about some of the things that I would eventually like for my home and can hopefully purchase!

At first I had debated whether I wanted a normal sofa, L shape with a pull out bed but I then decided I wanted to get two chaise lounges instead, and in leopard! I am actually looking into one that looks exactly like this! I think it would be perfect for my new home and would add style that I enjoy! I certainly wouldn't want to live in a boring home!

Second, I KNOW I need some cutie animal skeletons chilling around my house! I absolutely adore these two bats which you can find HERE and HERE!

I also want to make a pair of deer antlers I have into either a coat hanger or jewellery hanger! Mine won't be painted but you get the jist!

This is just a small look into some of the things and the theme I want to bring into my home! Animals, black, and creepy! Halloween 24/7, since that's what I enjoy! I can't wait to move into my home, on the 1st, so I can start filming regularly and showing you guys how I decorate and maybe get into some DIY's! 

An Update On Life!

Hello kittens!

Long time no talk! I apologize for that but life got the better of me and I haven't been available to blog as often as I would like at all! I thought I would make a little blog about what has been going on in my life, including my journey to becoming a makeup artist!

As you may know I started a program in makeup to receive my diploma in makeup and an international certificate! Well, in three days I will be graduated with that lovely diploma under my brush belt, and I will be doing the ITEC exam sometime in November! It has been an amazing journey and I have learnt a lot! I do want to go onto the advanced course and then the special effects course later as well! You can check out my journey as I become a makeup artist HERE on my Facebook page if you're interested! This course has consumed most of my time which is why I haven't been able to blog as much but that will be changing because I am going to dedicate time and effort into my blog and Youtube from now on and become regular because there's no excuse for me not to!

I have been living in Calgary now for two months and I am finally moving out of my house alone with my cat! I am so excited that my application has been accepted and I will be moving into a lovely little apartment downtown by the end of the month! This is a big step for me but one I know I need to take and I'm not afraid! It's time to grow up and learn to do things for myself because I can't rely on other people forever and I don't want to! I have recently been employed at a clothing store which is so exciting and I'll be doing makeup part time as well by freelancing! I am going to start making my dreams come true and live happily.

I've made a lot of amazing friends and done a lot of amazing things since moving here and I am just so excited to start living life! I hope you all understand my absence and my blog and Youtube channel will be going through some changed to become more professional and regular!

Talk to you guys again soon, I promise!

Pulp Horror Black Milk Clothing Release!

Hey kittens!

Holy, it's been a long time since I did a blog! I've FINALLY moved to Calgary and have kind of settled into our new house, we've been here a week and I have done 3 days of school so far!

BUT ANYWAYS, we have more important things at hand, like Black Milk's Halloween release! They released the Pintrest board today (HERE) and I am pretty excited, but having a bit of a dilemma! What do I buy!

Here are the few main things I need to get my hands on!

Nosferatu Reversible Crop (WW 48HR $45AUD / US - LIMITED $40USD)

Braaains Skater Skirt (WW $50AUD / US - LIMITED $45USD)

Mummy Returns Long Sleeve Dress (WW $99AUD / $94 USD)

Free Spirit Reversible Skater Dress (WW 48HR $85AUD / US - LIMITED $80USD)

Now, of course I want all of it, but should I? Can I justify $279 on four amazing, quality pieces of nylon I will love and cherish for years? I know for sure I want everything but the Mummy dress! I want the Mummy dress for Halloween and I know I would be able to wear it for many Halloweens to come, and I'd usually spend a bit on a Halloween costume anyways.. soooo.. it's like I'm spending $180 on three staple pieces in my wardrobe and $99 on a Halloween costume!

Two of the pieces are 48h so that's awesome, but the other two I have no clue yet, although I am assuming they have enough for the majority of people since they're not limited!

I guess we shall see!