Hey kittens!

Wow! First ever movie review coming at you! The only reason I have chosen Wolf Creek as my first is because it's the last movie I've watched so why not start on a fresh one!

Wolf Creek is about three backpackers travelling through Australia when their car breaks down and they are rescued by a very helpful man who offers to tow their vehicle back to his place and fix it for them so they can get on their way. Surprise surprise, he turns out to be a sadistic serial killer and all three wake up to find themselves tied up, alone and helpless. They end up finding out that he has a bad taste for tourists and judging by the bodies and vehicles laying about they are not the first.

I give it three out of five stars because the beginning is a bit slow until the action happens. They try to say it's based on a true story but I feel they didn't really try that hard to convince you of it. Overall I did enjoy it though because the serial killer is absolutely crazy and you're really not sure what is going to happen next or if they're going to escape or not. It was good enough to make Wolf Creek 2 and it definitely captures your attention once the action starts happening!

★★★☆☆ 3/5 Stars 

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OIL NO MORE | Live Fresh Organic Oil Absorbing Papers

Hey kittens!

So today I have some pretty amazing oil absorbing papers, or as I call them, blotting papers to share with you today. They are from a company called Live Fresh Organic and they were kind enough to sponsor me to write this post through Tomoson

Honestly, I am so impressed with these papers. I have a pretty oily face, especially my forehead, and these papers literally soak it all up. Live Fresh Organic believes in being eco-friendly, natural, and healthy so these papers are made from 100% abaca leaf fibers!

There are 100 sheets inside a packet of the papers, as you can see on the front of the packaging. The packaging is bigger than some blotting papers I've seen but that's only because they're chose to not fold the papers in half, so they're about the same size as a normal paper.

TIP: Don't take them all out of the package. They're very thin and delicate which makes it tricky to get them back inside!

Overall I am extremely happy with the papers and so happy they sent me two packages of them so I will be set for awhile! I'll definitely be purchasing because they are honestly the best papers I have tried yet. I also really enjoy that the company is eco-friendly and that is important to me! 100% Organic and they also offer 30 days money back!

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LET THE GAMES BEGIN | Movie Reviews + Cars and More!

Hey kittens!

So since my main pastime is watching movies, and I watch a ton of them. I thought I would start reviewing them on here! I've been wanting to expand this blog to be about everything I enjoy, not just beauty hauls and reviews and looks. It'll give you a taste of what I'm interested in,  A lot of them will be slasher/murder movies since those are my favourite, and you'll get to see if the movie is worth watching without reading any spoilers (at least I'll try!) I will give it a rating system out of 5 stars as well!

I'm also going to start writing about my love of cars mostly JDM and Imports and I hope that you enjoy that as well. It's something that is a huge part in my life and I want to write about it. I guess this blog is becoming a lifestyle blog, I guess it really always has been! I want to break the border between liking cars and beauty. Why not both!

I'm really hoping you'll enjoy these new segments I am bringing to the blog because I know I will!
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SHARPEN YOUR DAGGERS | Picture Plurfect Nails

Hey kittens!

I have always been a fan of stiletto nails and recently a lovely lady, who's Etsy shop is Picture Plurfect Nails, was kind enough to send on over some for me to try out! She has so many different styles and colour options, she will also do custom ones if you ask nicely!

She had so many amazing options but I just had to go with these Louboutin look alike nails since how couldn't I? They're absolutely fabulous!

These specific nails are called the Louboutin Inspired Nails and sell for $22.59! You have the choice of sending her your specific nail sizes for each nail or you can just get 20 of the sizes 0-9. You always have the choice of matte black or glossy black and whether you want nail glue included!

I will definitely be purchasing nails more because I miss having long nails and this is a fairly inexpensive way to keep you lookin' fancy because they are reusable!

If you use the code NAILEIN you get 20% off your nail purchase!
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SPIDER WEBS | Dollface Betty's Banada

Hey kittens!

Today I have an absolutely perfect company to share with you, it's called Dollface Betty's and it's a cute Etsy shop which carries vintage clothing and accessories for guys and gals! They were oh so kind enough to send me a bandana!

Here is their super cute cards, the leopard one is their business card and the bigger one comes with the bandanas!

So these bandanas are actually pretty awesome, because instead of folding up a square into a long strip of fabric there ones are already made into long strips which makes it so easy to tie in your hair!

                       Their business cards are absolutely perfect and definitely suit their shop!

And here is a few shots of me wearing it! If you're interested in seeing how to tie it please feel free to watch the tutorial I filmed down below!

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LUXE | House Of Lashes Haul

Hey kittens!

I have a super lovely haul to share with you today and it is one of my absolute favourite brands of eyelashes and that is House of Lashes! I have been a huge fan of them for a few years now and I finally made another purchase which I am thrilled about. So keep reading and see which lashes I chose!

Okay, so here is the absolutely adorable box they came in, I really enjoy that it looks like a plain shipping box on the outside, but that the inside is beautiful and really just adds to how lovely the company is!

This time I didn't get any more of the eyelash cases but I still had them from last time I made a purchase so of course I had to add them into the photo shoot! #LashGameStrong

Alright, so first up I had to get a three pack of my all time favourite lashes, Pixie Luxe, from the Premium Luxe collection! They sell for $12 a set or $30 for three!

Next up I decided on a three pack of Feline which are another one of my absolute favourites, hence why I just had to get the three pack! They are from the Glam collection and sell for $7.00 for one pair or $27.00 $18.00 for the three pack, which is an amazing deal!

There beauties are in the Glam collection as well and they are called Tigress! They go for $9.00 and will have you looking like a kitten to the queen of the jungle!

Last, but absolutely not least, are these lashes called Boudoir and are in the Premium Luxe collection! They are apparently new to House of Lashes!

I hope you all enjoyed this haul and will check out House of Lashes because they are super durable and reusable! As I said they are a favourite brand of mine and I'll keep on purchasing from them!

Accidental kitten photo bomb, but who doesn't like kittens and lashes!

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