HEALING | Splendid Stones Rose Quartz Bracelet + Amethyst Cluster

Hey kittens!

Today I have to show you one of the most stunning bracelet I have ever seen and an absolutely lovely amethyst stone. They're both from a cute Etsy shop called Splendid Stones and they really are splendid!

Here is the bracelet, it's a rose quartz stone bracelet with freshwater pearls and gold beads on memory wire and retails for $34.44. This is definitely going to be a huge staple in my wardrobe not just because it's stunning but also because it fits my wrists perfectly. I have crazy small wrists and the fact that it is on memory wire makes it an amazing fit.

Rose quartz is known as the love stone and is used to raise self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth. It has strong loving energies and opens your heart chakra. Pearls enhance personal integrity and bring love energy as well.

This Amethyst crystal cluster is absolutely stunning and gives the room a great feel to it and retails for $11.92. It's a beautiful colour and shines when lights bounce off of it. It's great for using as a decoration. The stone has a lot of great qualities.

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone that helps in emotional, spiritual and physical ways and provides calm, balance, patience, and peace.

If you're interested in absolutely stunning jewellery and stones check out Splendid Stones and see what they have to offer!
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PURPLE HAZE | Purple Smoky Eye

Hey kittens!

I have a purple smoky eye to share with you! This is recently a favourite of mine and so I thought I'd share it with you. I'm really trying to get back into makeup again like I should be! I, of course, filmed a makeup tutorial on how to do this look and you can see it over on my channel, Kkittendoll, and here's a quick look at it!

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666 | Lucifer's Workshop Haul

Hey kittens!
Today I have a Etsy shop to show you called Lucifers Workshop! Or Lucipurr's Workshop as I apparently like to call it due to my cat having that name haha! They've been oh so generous and have sent my a box load of stuff so I am so excited to share it with you!

Here we have seven different patches they have to offer, The Lord is Not My Shepard, Demon Skull, Tribal Skull, Goat Head, Inverted Cross, Laughing Demon, and Sigil of Lucifer. All are priced at $6.53 and they're 10 x 12 cm.

This shirt is called Jesus Saves and the design was created by Devil Doll,  it features a naked woman with half a brain and it says Jesus Saves underneath. It has lace up both sides and costs $39.18!

A closer look at the lace.
This shirt has some really nice detail, it has a design by Devil Doll on the front called Zombie Girl and what's really lovely about it is the lace up shoulders which you can see better in the next photo. It costs $52.25.

The lovely lace up shoulders.
This shirt is called Zombie Hooker and the design is created by Devil Doll. It's actually a large partch sewn onto the tank top giving it a distressed look. I really enjoy that they used beige lace up the sides to really make the shirt pop. It costs $39.18.

Closer look at the sewn on patch and lace.
The design is by BlackMass Incubus and is called Baphomet,  it has lace up each side of the tank top.  On the back it says "As Above, So Below" twice and costs $45.72.

"As Above, So Below"
Front photo.

A closer look at the lace on the sides.
This is the Satanic Witch Mystic Dress, design by BlackMass Incubus, and it features a dark witch with a crystal ball and various symbols. It's a tank top body con dress and costs $58.78.

This tank top is called Black Mass and was designed by BlackMass Incubus. It features a bunch of hooded people having a dark ritual with the words Black Mass underneath and it costs $45.72.

Closer look at the lace.
This t-shirt is called Gothic Love and was designed by Devil Doll. It has the shoulders cut and sewn in a lattice pattern and has a gothic chick making peace signs! It costs $52.25.

Closer look at the lattice patten.
I hope you guys enjoyed a look at this Etsy shop and what they have to offer! I think my favourite thing has got to be the patches just because I am so excited to decorate my vests with them! What's your favourite?
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OVER UR HEAD | The Moon Tarot Card Tank Top

Hey kittens!

I have a lovely brand to show you today and I guarantee there will be something you love because they have such a wide variety of things! The shirt I am wearing is from Over Ur Head and is the Moon Tarot Card Tank Top. I am seriously in love with the simplicity of the design. The tank top I am wearing is a small, and as you can see it's a little bit large on me which is pretty normal. It's made from cotton and has a very sleek matte black look to it and the graphic is printed right onto the shirt so it will not peel off, it is not a heat transfer. The shirt costs $39.25 and comes in sizes small to extra large!

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OMBRE FOR MY HOMBRE'S | Ombre Eyebrow Tutorial

Hey kittens!

So recently I had my hair dyed a magical chameleon concoction of green and blue, by my lovely hairstylist/roommate (You can find her at Hair By Meghan!), and I of course had to have eyebrows to match so here I am to show you how exactly to do that!

In order to get ombre eyebrows you must have the following.
  • As many colours as you'd like either in a liner, gel, or powder form (are there more than that..? Liquid maybe?)
  • A spooly
  • An angled brush
  • Watch the video below!

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